The Better Health at Work Award

The Better Health at Work Award (County Durham) is part of the North East Better Health at Work Award which is a partnership project unique to the North East to take health and wellbeing into the workplace.  The partnership is lead by the twelve Local Authorities, the NHS and the Northern TUC.  The County Durham locality is managed and delivered by the Pioneering Care Partnership.

Workplace Health is an important part of the regional public health strategy and is even more relevant in these challenging economic times, when companies need to use every tool available to ensure their productivity and competitiveness.

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The Better Health at Work Award is Good For You

If your business is interested in raising awareness of Health and Wellbeing, engaging and motivating staff to promote productivity whilst gaining recognition in the form of an AWARD then the Better Health at Work Award is GOOD FOR YOU.

The award is free and available to all businesses in County Durham, who will be supported by a dedicated workplace health team & have access to free workplace training including understanding stress and basic mental health.  The award supports workplaces to deliver health activities that address key public health improvement priorities including;

• Financial Wellbeing
• Smoking and Tobacco
• Disease Prevention
• Weight Management and Healthy Eating
• Sexual Health
• Physical Activity
• Cancer Awareness
• Mental Health
• Dementia Awareness
• Alcohol, Drug and Harm Prevention

'We’ve enjoyed being part of the award and I can honestly say that it has permeated the culture of the organisation. It hasn’t always been easy and there have been many challenges, but it has most certainly been worth it as it has had such a positive impact on so many people’s health and wellbeing'. 

Colin McBride, Cultural Services Manager, Leisureworks