The Gold Award builds upon the Silver level and will require companies to look outside their own organisation and promote health within the wider community. 

  • A minimum three-year health strategy and one-year action plan to be in place for health improvement activities and task related health issues, which should be reviewed annually
  • The company will participate in a minimum of five local, regional or national health topics one of which should be ongoing throughout the year.
  • Health topics to be promoted in the wider community and to families of the workforce. In addition the organisation should share good practice and encourage other businesses to participate in the award
  • Employees will be encouraged to have regular health checks
  • The company will have policies in place for bullying and harassment. There should be evidence that these policies are actively monitored and reviewed
  • The organisation will have a proactive system in place to support staff on long term sick to return to work and will raise awareness of and support staff with long term medical conditions
  • Environmental management systems to be in place, for example, recycling schemes in place, waste management, travelling plans, ethical purchasing and local suppliers
  • The organisation should demonstrate innovative ways of addressing workplace health and wellbeing